Square One Awareness & ReEntry (S.O.A.R)

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Square One Awareness & ReEntry (S.O.A.R)

Square One Awareness & ReEntry (S.O.A.R) is a nonprofit organization that helps nonviolent Citizens and youth who are at risk through education, developing employable job skills and housing. The Community Service Program of the AWS serves all 46 counties of South Carolina. They assist many people, including ex-offenders, rebuild their lives and become productive members of society. S.O.A.R. helps by providing employable job skills, a job portal platform, education and awareness, resources through S.O.A.R. and Corporate America to apply for jobs and affordable housing that do not discriminate against nonviolent Citizens, this would change their direction in a positive way and put these individuals on the path to becoming productive citizens. SOAR's Second Chance for Success program helps youth to become an educated, employed law-abiding citizen who contributes positively to society. The services include provide clothing for work and interviews, housing after the halfway house while training and looking for a job, provide affordable permanent housing once a job is obtained, provide transportation assistance to work, job interviews, and job skills training, provide job skills training opportunities in a setting that leads to confidence and success and to provide life skills training to be productive members of society.

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4611 Hardscrabble Rd, Suite 360, Columbia, South Carolina, 29229

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