What Services Does JPay Offer and How Do You Use It?

What Services Does JPay Offer and How Do You Use It?

JPay is a private company that provides services and products for prisoners to use in the United States. It offers services related to communications, money and entertainment. The company charges fees to use their services and products. But their services can be cheaper and easier than other options available.

What kinds of goods and services does JPay provide?

JPay offers several different goods and services for prisoners to use.

  • Money transfers. One of the main uses for JPay is transferring money. Your loved one can use the service to send money to your commissary fund. It offers the option to do this online or in-person through money order services.
  • Communications. The company provides services that allow you to connect with your friends and family on the outside. This includes email, instant messaging, video messaging and video visits.
  • Parole and probation payments. JPay can also process payments for court-ordered fees. This includes payments for probation and parole services.
  • Electronics. The company produces some electronic devices too. One is an MP3 player called the JP3. The other is a tablet. Its most recent tablet is called the JP6. These devices are made especially for people in prison.
  • Media. JPay also has a media library to use with your devices. You can buy songs and games or rent movies to watch.

How do you open a JPay account?

You will need to go to JPay’s website to set up an account. The process takes just a few steps.

  1. Go to JPay.com.
  2. Provide your or your loved one’s ID number in prison. This is the same number you use for services in prison. If you don’t have one yet, you can use a case number or court number.
  3. You will then see a list of people. Select yourself from the list.
  4. Enter an email address and a password.
  5. Provide the company with your billing information.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have an account. You can now use JPay services.

One of the main services JPay offers is money transfers.
Image courtesy of Anna Shvets via Pexels.

How can someone use JPay to send you money?

One of the biggest advantages of JPay is that it makes it easier for friends and family to help by sending money to you in prison. You have several ways of doing it.

  • JPay app. The company has its own app for sending payments. Your loved one can install this app on their phone. Once they do, they can send money to your account electronically.
  • Website. Your loved one can also use the company’s website to send money to you. They just need to go to the money transfer page of the website and follow a few steps.
  • Money order. If someone wants to send you money, they can also do it in person. They can go to any MoneyGram location. You can find these in many Walmart or CVS locations.

The Takeaway:

JPay is a private company that provides goods and services to incarcerated people and their loved ones. The company offers electronics, apps and web-based services. These products and serves are mainly related to communications, money and entertainment. You can open an account on the company’s website. Your loved one can use JPay to send money to your account while you are in prison. It gives them several options to do so.

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