Mississippi Office of the State Public Defender

Mississippi Office of the State Public Defender

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The Mississippi Office of the State Public Defender is located in Jackson, MS. With one State Defender, one Capital Defender, one Indigent Appeals Director, one Parent Defense Program Manager and other legal staff, the Office of State Public Defender (OSPD) works to implement a public defender system with state-level oversight and accountability in each county. The Mississippi Office of State Public Defender strives to protect the Constitutional rights of indigent individuals facing the loss of “life, liberty or property” in the courts of Mississippi, and to support civil liberties and public safety for all by providing ethical and effective representation and leadership in all levels of Mississippi’s criminal justice and Youth Court systems. The OSPD consists of a Capital Defense Division. This division provides representation to indigent persons charged with death penalty eligible offenses in the state courts of Mississippi at the trial level and on direct appeal where the death penalty has been imposed. In addition, the Indigent Appeals Division within OSPD provides legal representation on appeal for indigent persons convicted of felonies but not under the sentence of death. For further information on services offered by the OSPD, please contact them using the contact information listed on their website.
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