Who Are the People Who Need to Know You’re in Prison?

Who Are the People Who Need to Know You’re in Prison?

If you’re getting ready to go to prison, there are many things you’ll want to do ahead of time to prepare. Maybe it’s finding someone to take care of your house or property. Maybe it’s getting money together to help take care of expenses while you’re away. Or maybe it’s just spending time with your friends and family while you can. But there are some people who need to know if you’re in prison. Who?

Who are the people who need to know you’re going to prison?

If you’re going to prison, you’ll likely want to tell someone. Who you want to tell that you’re going to prison depends a lot on your situation. These are examples of some of the people you may want to tell. But you need to decide on your own who should and shouldn’t know.

Your Family and Close Friends

First, you’ll probably want to tell your family and close friends that you’re going to prison. This can be difficult, especially if you have young children. While most parents don’t want to have this conversation with their children, it is often the best way to handle it. You want your family, friends and children finding out from you, not through social media or in public.

In addition, you want to be honest with your children. If you lie to them about what’s happening and they find out, it could make things worse later on. Instead, you can tell them the truth but also explain how they can visit, how you can write back and forth and so on. There are many ways that your loved ones can help you when you’re in prison.

It’s also okay to let your kids know things are going to be okay. People make mistakes, and your family, friends and children need to understand that, too.

Your Employer

Next, you’ll want to tell your employer that you’re going to prison. If you have a good relationship with your employer, you want to have all the information you need when you meet with them. Explain to them when you expect to go to prison, how long you expect to be in prison and any other details you think is relevant. Depending on the situation, your employer may hold your job open for you after your release.

While some employers are often willing to work with you in these situations, others aren’t. If you’re worried that the meeting won’t go well or that you’ll become emotional, consider having someone come with you. They can be there to support you and remember everything your employer says. If you don’t have a personal relationship with your boss, you can also advise your employer in writing or through a third person.

Your boss is one of the people who should know you are going to prison.
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Other People in Your Life

In addition to your family and close friends as well as your employer, there are many other people you may want to tell. For instance, you’ll probably want to make arrangements for your bills. You may also want to talk with someone from your church or another organization. And you may even want to seek guidance from a counselor, lawyer or someone else.

But it’s important to keep some of this information private as well. If people know you’re in prison, they can bring that up when they talk to you or when they talk to your friends and family. And someone people may try to use that information against you.

The Takeaway:

The people who need to know you’re in prison depend on your situation. Sometimes, you may want to tell a lot of people. Other times, you may want to keep the information to yourself. But you’ll likely want to tell your family and close friends, your employer and maybe others.

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